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Integrity management

Do not make fakes or sell fakes; the product specifications, grades, batch numbers and other signs are clear and correct; the name of the floor timber conforms to national standards;GB/T188513-2001.


Quality assurance

All manufactured products are strictly tested according to the ISO9001: 2008 system, and the product quality conforms to the corresponding national standards.


Integrity management

All the floors sold by the company use natural materials, and ensure that the products meet the relevant regulations of the national mandatory standards Does not affect human health.

Join advantage


Branded Advantages

International standard VI image recognition system,
brand style is fashionable, artistic, and personalized market has great potential.
Strong competitiveness, it is the best-selling brand in the industry.

Store Advantage

Specialized stores have sound overall supervision and provide standard store image.
Sample design and exhibit display ensure standardized and standardized store display.
Create a strong terminal brand image

Management Advantage

Implement a brand chain operation management model Meng saves a lot of manpower. Operating costs and risks

R & D advantages

Adhering to the concept of "home", Longsen Wood integrates products with life and constantly introduces new ones.
Enable consumers to fully experience the convenience and personalization of life.

Service Advantage

In order to give back customer information in less time, Longsen has established the perfect The sales network communicates with customers in a timely manner to resolve related issues.

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