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No need to worry about the floor material ...

2019-12-04 10:19:57 Zhejiang Longsen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Read

The material of the floor is a big project in the decoration of the house. Many people will be tempted to choose environmentally-friendly wooden boards or clean tiles. Now the following three methods to teach you, to determine whether it is suitable to install floor or tile in your home?


Wooden boards are relatively safe compared to ceramic tiles. If there are elderly people or children in the family, it is better to use wooden boards. Even if accidental collision occurs, the damage coefficient is relatively small. And the wooden floor will feel more comfortable and give a better texture.

2. Hue

The board may give a warm and comfortable feeling, but the tile will give a cold but unified atmosphere. The brightness is relatively high, which gives the whole room a better feeling.

3. Thermal conductivity

If the home is underfloor, the thermal conductivity of the tiles is actually better than that of wooden boards. And its thermal insulation is slightly better than that of wooden boards. And wooden floor, then and Zhao will plan a gas after heating, which will cause people to inhale human health after inhalation.

4. Maintenance

The board needs regular maintenance, waxing, etc. Otherwise, it will lose its gloss. It will cause certain damage to the floor, and accidentally may cause scratches on the wooden board. Tiles do not require regular maintenance and are easier to clean. Tiles can be superimposed with a layer of tiles directly when they are replaced. The wooden floor needs to be removed and installed again.

Compared with the above four aspects, it can be used together, you can install wooden floor in the bedroom, and install tiles outside the usual living room.